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Berkeley County Unit


Martinsburg, WV

From a parking lot near the City Police Station, the Martinsburg-Berkeley County Club has grown into one of the largest clubs in WV,  serving over 700 members each year. Initially financed by passing the hat between the founders, coupled with partial funding by Austin Cummings, the Boys Club, as it was known, was chartered in 1965.


Boxing, basketball and swimming pulled in teens boys from the city and prevented them from getting into trouble. In 1975, the club relocated to 105 West John Street, it's current location. From Jack Beaver's basketball teams, "The, United, Givers, and Fund," developed a basketball program that would give birth to an Olympian, Vickie Bullett.  Scott Nagley was the first of many of Mr. Murphy's photography students to win the Boys & Girls Club National Image Makers Annual Photography Contest. 


Over the last fifty years, thousands of youth have walked through the halls of the Martinsburg-Berkeley County Boys & Girls Club. Alumni include professional boxer, Noah "Dukie" Green, former professional baseball player, Scottie Bullet, City Councilman, Don Anderson, and State Senator, John Unger. Many of the Alumni have gone onto have great futures. 

BGCEP is currently seeking a Martinsburg-Berkley Unit Director 

What kids are saying:

“I come to the Club to see staff, and some of them are like family to me. When I started last year I was very quiet and  I didn’t talk to anyone and I always had my hood up because I was insecure about how I looked. Coming to the club has improved my social life and I talk to a lot more people now. I don’t wear my hood up anymore and I feel more confident talking to my friends. If I didn’t come to the Club I would just go home and be on my phone or play video games all day, the Club gives me other things to do instead of sitting at home alone on my phone. I started coming so I can hang out with one of my friends, but now I want to come to see staff and have something to do when I’m not in school.” 

                                                                     C.J. - Martinsburg Club



Martinsburg-Berkeley County Club

105 West John Street

Martinsburg, WV 25401

P: (304) 263-2696



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