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What We Do

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Our Mission

To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, and responsible citizens. 

Our Programs

BGCEP provides afterschool and summer programming for youth ages 6 to 18 at clubs in Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan counties. All of our programming focuses on five areas:

  • Education and Career;

  • Character and Leadership;

  • Health and Life Skills;

  • The Arts;

  • Sports, Fitness, and Recreation.

Our staff strive to address the following needs for all members:

  • A Safe and Positive Environment where members are physically and emotionally secure at all times;

  • Fun in which members engage in play and are happy and eager to come to the club;

  • Supportive Relationships in which the club ensures that every young person feels connected to one or more adults and has friendships with peers;

  • Opportunities and Expectations in which club staff consistently communicate the expectation that every child has the potential to excel, be productive and succeed at the club and in life;

  • Recognition that involves the club staff taking every opportunity to recognize and validate club members’ achievements and accomplishments.

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